Evaluating Me!!!

Being shortlisted for Jr. Graphic Designer post, i was asked to make a web design for that company. They called it HIRING EVALUATION TEST, this is what i did and i got that job. ❤

Madeeha Hassan is happy. ❤


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An Excerpt of the Bhutto’s speech

My Country Beckons Me
Speech at the Security Council, New York,
December 15, 1971
Yesterday my eleven year old son telephoned me from Karachi and said “Do not come back with a document of surrender. We do not want to see you back in Pakistan if you do that.” I will not take back a document of surrender from the Security Council. I will not be a party to the legalization of aggression.
The Security Council has failed miserably, shamefully. For four days we have been deliberating here. For four days the Security Council has procrastinated. Why? Because the object was for Dacca to fall. That was the object. It was quite clear to me from the beginning. All right,

So what if Dacca falls?

So what if the whole of East Pakistan falls?

So what if the whole of West Pakistan falls?

So what if our state is obliterated?

We will build a new Pakistan. We will build a better Pakistan. We will build a greater Pakistan.

The Security Council has acted short-sightedly by acquiescing in these dilatory tactics. You have reached a point when we shall say, “Do what you like.” If this point had not been reached we could have made a commit¬ment. We could have said, “All right, we are prepared to do some things.” Now why should we? You want us to be silenced by guns. Why should we say that we shall agree to anything? Now you decide what you like. Your decision will not be binding on us. You can decide what you like. If you had left us a margin of hope, we might have been a party to some settlement.
I find it disgraceful to my person and to my country to remain here a moment longer than is necessary. I am not boycotting. Impose any decision, have a treaty worse than the Treaty of Versailles, legalize aggression, legalize occupation, legalize everything that has been illegal up to 15 December 1971. I will not be a party to it. We will fight; we will go back and fight. My country beckons me. Why should I waste my time here in the Security Council? I am going.

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Bygone Times- something to remember

Getting free from the occupied, fun-filled and assiduous days of dramatics club GCU, i felt like there is nothing to do in life. Looking for some venture, i randomly applied for a post of Graphic Designer in Lahore Stock Exchange.

Sitting in university cafe, eating samosa, i got a call.

Hello! This is Muhammad Ali from LSE; you applied for a post…

So! after going through a telephonic interview, an interview in Manager IT security room and finally an HR interview, i was there on my very first day. (May 12th, 2011).

See this was my cabin ❤

I made friends, i judge people, i bypassed people (they think so) , I pissed people off, but that was kind of fun. I loved to go to my workplace, I had a good experience regarding my work, i enjoyed the parties we did, I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Look at the picture of our mango party

Time flies! Time really flies, yesterday was my last day of internship (Aug 25th’ 2011).

Things i learn:

  • Never get personal with anyone.
  • Express yourself.

P.s:Whatever time u had, you still walked away with a learning experience. That’s what internships are all about, learning.

Here are some of the comments i got on my very last day. 🙂

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Happy Birthday Pakistan


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My Recent Freelancing Work

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Permanent link for this work is http://lumizon.pakwizardsolutions.com/


Random Competitions

For world Standard Day Competition:

For right to educate competition:


6th All Pakistan Environmental Exhibition 2011

These are some of the recent posters I made. Among all, the one with SAVE EARTH SAVE GREEN theme stood Ist in ALL PAKISTAN POSTERS, SKETCHES AND DRAWING COMPETETION.

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SAC-II.. A New Experience

Message Welfare Trust organized an event in March, 2010 known as Street Art Competition (SAC) which is first of its kind in the history of Pakistan. It all started off as an idea to do something against the anomalous practice of wall chalking.

Every one of us frequently comes across many instances of wall chalking in the forms of various advertisements, election campaigns or else as a freedom of expression for writing absurd and hideous comments against the government or its officials.
We see the city walls being defaced by all these illogical advertisements, comments and annotations which not only spoils the beauty of our country but also projects a wrong image of our nation at the world level.
This is because we, particularly the youth, find a refuge in such graffiti on the walls to let out our frustrations due to the intricate times our nation is going through right now. MWT took the initiative to do something to remove this illegal practice of
aggressive wall chalking which, in fact, is prohibited by law according to the Punjab Prohibition of Expressing Matters on Walls Act 1995.

Street Art Competition was organized by MWT with the similar intention to Review the Walls of Lahore and eradicate the eccentric and illegal practice of wall chalking. The basic aim was to remove the remarks that marred the beauty of the walls and render the so called talking walls to talk about the beauty, culture, traditions, art and attributes of our country, overall depicting a positive image of Pakistan globally
The Season-I of SAC was organized in Gulberg in which 250 students from various institutes of Lahore participated to eliminate the incongruous advertisements and to paint the culture, tradition and attributes of our beloved country covering 55 walls of Gulberg area within 2 days. The jury included eminent personalities like Saleema Hashmi, R.M. Naeem, Ms Aatiqa, Ms. Nilofar and Ms. who reviewed all the painted walls and then announced the winners accordingly. The frontrunners were then awarded with cash prizes and certificates at the closing ceremony of SAC Season-I. The participants and the management team were also awarded with certificates and souvenirs respectively.
The charm of the glorious event persisted till the end as it roped in the melodious tunes of the theme song of Message Welfare Trust sung by Uzair Ashraf, an upcoming star who launched his career by donating his first single to Message Welfare Trust.
After the success of Season-I, MWT is going to continue its tradition by organizing Season-II of SAC.


We will follow the sun..!!

For Pakistan..